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Visit the History Center and Historic Depot!

The Bremen History Center is located at 111 N. Center St. in the one-time hotel/bank in the center of Bremen, Indiana. It is open to visitors, free of charge:

  • Every Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.
  • The first Sunday of the month from 2 to 4 p.m., May to October
  • By appointment.


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The long history of the Bremen movie theater

Way back in 1910, when motion pictures were just getting a foothold in American culture, Carl Ponader and Otto Fries bought the 1888 William Huff building that was part of Huff’s hardware store (the Downtown’r restaurant in 2016). This is 105 E Plymouth St, and it has been a movie theater ever since. Continue reading “The long history of the Bremen movie theater”

Carry him back to Tennesee

Bremen has always been a musical town, with top-notch bands, orchestras, performing  troupes. At times, it bubbled over into singing in the streets.

Not always appreciated.

Carry me back to Tennessee - Enquirer_Sat__Jan_2__1886_.jpg
Bremen Enquirer – Jan 2, 1886

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1940: Independence Day

With war with the Axis Powers looming, Bremen decided in 1940 to celebrate Independence Day properly for the first time since 1910: with a show of fireworks, bands, and more.

Click the image to display a larger version.Independence Day celebrated - 1st since 1910 - Enquirer - Jul_4__1940_

Fireworks could start at 9:45 back then because the US did not observe Daylight Saving Time, a haphazardly implemented idea (individual towns often decided for themselves) until World War 2 and which Indiana very sensibly opted out of from 1970 until 2006.

Historic Depot and History Center open July 3

The Bremen Historic Train Depot on Douglas Road will be open from 2-4 p.m. on this coming Sunday, July 3, the first Sunday of the month.

The Bremen History Center downtown will also be open, in addition to its usual time every Tuesday.

Come in and see the exhibits, get a virtual tour of our digital collection, or get help looking up your family tree!

History Talk: Bill Butler on his WW2 tank service

Born in 1918, Bill Butler joined the US Army in 1941 and drove tanks in North Africa and Italy in some of the most momentous battles of the war. Our thanks to Bill!

Sharing Bremen Memories: June 28

The next Sharing Bremen Memories session will be on June 28 at 10:00 a.m. These are unguided discussions with refreshments. Please enter by the old bank entrance at the corner of Plymouth and Center.

Your memories make the talks more interesting. Feel free to bring photos, artifacts, and other memories. Come and bring a friend and enjoy the morning.

Father’s Day gifts at Whitlock’s

Get your gifts for Dad at G W Whitlock’s. (Hurry—sale ends in 1967.)

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Pla-Mor Civil War Re-enactment

This weekend, June 17, 18, and 19, Pla-Mor Campground will host a Civil War reenactment by the 7th Indiana Light Artillery regiment. They will put on a battle on Saturday and Sunday.

Pla-Mor Civil War Re-enactment

You can check the Bremen Public Library’s list of Bremen Civil War vets to see if someone in your family tree served in the war. Historic Bremen also has a photo album of vets.

And of course be sure to watch our video of Lowell Roberts’ talk on Bremen’s Civil War participation.

Bremen in the 1970s

In the early 1970s, WSBT television and the Bremen Business Association collaborated on a series of photos of businesses to promote the town of Bremen. The set of slides were donated Historic Bremen, and we have scanned them and cleaned them up for our archives. Here are some samples. The full set is available on our Flickr account. Continue reading “Bremen in the 1970s”

1888: A tale fit for the Little Rascals

From way back in 1888, a tale of woe to a gang of small boys who only wanted to make a little candy money selling rags to the Dietrich department store but ran afoul of the long arm of the law in the person of marshal Henry Wagner.

Bremen Enquirer - 4 Feb 1888
Bremen Enquirer – 4 Feb 1888

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1894: Wiltrout’s bicycle repair

The 1890s ushered in the bicycle craze, as the safety bicycle (with two matching wheels and a chain) pushed out the dangerous “penny-farthing” high-wheel bicycles. J F Weiss, the hardware store on the northeast corner of Center and Plymouth lured back Frank Wiltrout, a Bremen boy who had done tinwork for them a few years earlier and who had a passion for bicycles.

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