The Pizza Hut building on the northeast corner of Plymouth & Marshall was knocked down today to make way for a somewhat larger building in August that will reportedly have a little dine-in space. The work is being done by M&S Excavating, with Felderman out of Fort Wayne as the contractor.

Pizza Hut has been in Bremen awhile (but not so long; their website still misspells the name of the town multiple times), replacing the old Kentucky Fried Chicken that occupied the same lot (and I’m told a gas station before that). The original building was flown in by helicopter.

Pizza Hut - 2005 - small.jpg
Pizza Hut – 2005

There have been many other pizza parlors, however, including Mama Rina’s, Mr. B’s, Dinelli’s, and the best pizza parlor in the world 39 years running: The Wooden Peel. Pizza first came to Bremen in 1957, when the Bremen Café began offering “pizza pies” because the kids were going all the way to South Bend for it.

earliest mention of pizza - Enquirer_Thu__Aug_8__1957_
earliest mention of pizza in Bremen Enquirer – Aug 8, 1957

The Enquirer made jokes at the time. (There was no “Elite lunch counter” or “Ez Pash”.)

pizza joke - Enquirer_Thu__Sep_5__1957_
Bremen Enquirer – Sep 5, 1957